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Dwight is one of the best technical consultants we've ever hired. He understood our expectations immediately and then exceeded all of them.

- Olga Raskin, principal analyst, The Research Board (former supervisor at Novetta)

Dwight is one of the best technical consultants we've ever hired. He understood our expectations immediately and then exceeded all of them.

- Olga Raskin, former direct supervisor at Novetta

I can unreservedly recommend Dwight for just about any job he applies for - he makes sure he can deliver whatever is needed, and then delivers more.

- Amy Vernon, director of audience engagement, The Daily Dot

Dwight has been an invaluable resource. Not only did he bring my website idea to life but he is constantly looking for ways to optimize the site for better results.

- Shannon T. Bowers, marketing executive

Dwight is constantly educating himself on various programming languages and staying up to date on the latest trends. Anyone employing his services will get a job well done.

- James Kwasnik, digital consumer analyst, HealthSparq

Dwight can ferret out the data, analyze it and build the most engaging platform on which to display it. Any professional team would flourish with him as a member.

- Kathy Moore, executive editor, The 74 Media

Dwight is able to turn spreadsheet numbers into a compelling narrative. He's conscientious, supportive of his colleagues and always learning.

- Anjanette Delgado, audience analyst, The Journal News

Dwight is a meticulous data-driven journalist who not only pays attention to the fine details of data, but also sees the big picture of a news story.

- Gayle Williams, community executive, American Cancer Society

Dwight continues to conjure up unique, must-read experiences. He also knows how to use the human voice so the reader isn't lost in a blizzard of numbers.

- Herb Pinder, watchdog coach, Asbury Park Press

Dwight is a keen, analytical thinker. He has an uncanny ability to crunch numbers and break down complicated concepts for the average reader because he's also a gifted writer.

- John Alcott, group managing editor, Hearst Connecticut Newspapers



MySQL, Excel, Access, MATLAB, ArcGIS

Data analysis, database management

Quantitative & Qualitative Research

Data Visualization & Dashboards

Industry & Market Research

Human Subjects Research

Web development


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Certified ScrumMaster

Google Maps API

Google Charts API

Tableau, interactive graphics

Familiar with: Analytics (Adobe, Google, and Chartbeat), Java, Javascript, jQuery, Angular, git, SEO, OOP and MVC programming, Linux



I create websites and web apps using a variety of tools, including Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Google Maps API and Google Chart API, among others. Select an image for more details.


ScholarTech Academy

Freelance work. Designed and built website for a new daycare/learning center in Brooklyn.

Work includes: Graphic design, content research, Bootstrap, Javascript, Google Chart API, Wordpress dwight worley

Shannon T. Bowers Marketing

Responsive website for boutique marketing company.

Work includes: Interface design, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Javascript

Shannon Bowers Marketing dwight worley

DWI Dashboard

Responsive, searchable, interactive dashboard and database of DWI arrests.

Work includes: Interface design, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Javascript, Google Charts API

DWI Dashboard database dwight worley

NY Pensions Database

Responsive, searchable database of 383,583 NY pension recipients

Work includes: Interface design, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Javascript

NY Pension database dwight worley


Revamped's election guide to add new features and responsiveness. Boosted traffic nearly 400 percent.

Work includes: Interface and database design, Bootstrap, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Bootstrap and Javascript

#lohudvotes dwight worley

I also built this interactive, responsive results page for the election guide. The mobile-friendly layout - which includes link-activated modal windows to pull additional race results from the database - increased visitor retention.

election central dwight worley

Searchable charities database

Responsive, searchable database of charities

Work includes: Interface design, Bootstrap, Javascript

Charities database dwight worley


Some responsive interactives I made using Tableau, Fusion Tables, Google Charts API and Google Maps API. Select an image to launch. Wondering how to make Tableau responsive? Read my blog post here.

School security: A rash of shootings prompted many school districts to sharply increase spending on security.

school security dwight worley

Property taxes: A searchable map showing disparities between a village's and town's assessment rolls. (Story)

larchmont taxes dwight worley

Charity: An interactive chart showing reported charitable donations for NY and Lower Hudson Valley residents in 2012.

charitable viz dwight worley

SBA loans: This visualization accompanied a story about small business loans in the Lower Hudson Valley. (Story)

sba loans dwight worley

Traffic Cameras: I improved this web app's responsiveness and rebuilt the back-end to ensure near-100 percent uptime.

traffic cameras dwight worley

Fugitives: A look at the number of federal fugitives in New York's northern suburbs by crime, year and agency. (Story)

fugitive warrants dwight worley


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ida incentives dwight worley

Local IDAs spent $4,100 per job created

The increasing use of incentives contributed to rising property...

storm utilities dwight worley

Power Failure: Promises Made Promises Broken

As Superstorm Sandy left more than 1.3 million people without electricity, serious missteps...

voting expenses dwight worley

Cost of a vote is $150: Laws balloon expenses

Changes in state and federal law meant to ensure fair and efficient...

Diversity Index Changing Face of America lower hudson valley dwight worley

New York more diverse, still segregated | PDF

A half-century of immigration and New York City transplants moving north for a better life...

gun map dwight worley

The gun owner next door

After the mass shooting in Sandy Hook, some Lower Hudson Valley residents...

gun analysis dwight worley

Local pistol permit holders a diverse group

The privacy many gun owners crave makes it difficult to know just who they are as...

guns safer dwight worley

Debate: Do guns keep you safer?

By one government estimate, Americans use guns to defend themselves or thwart crimes...

gun background checks dwight worley

Check for guns is extensive, subjective

Legislators this month sped through wide-ranging gun-law changes, including bans...

our schools, our money lower hudson valley dwight worley

Our Schools, Our Money (five-day series)

Which school districts in the Lower Hudson Valley...

science research lower hudson valley dwight worley

Science research fosters 'deep learning'

The best part of the school day for Maureen Lackner is...

pistol permits opt outs dwight worley

SAFE Act: Gun records sealed by the thousands

Pistol license records in New York could effectively become private in the next few...

military surplus dwight worley

Local police received $3.5M in military gear

Police in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam received more than $3.5 million in surplus...

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Technical Consultant, 2015 - Present

Manage primary and secondary biometrics and identity management research for corporate and government clients. Lead writer and analyst for technical reports, user surveys, research notes, and RFPs.


Investigative Reporter/Data Analyst, 2013 - 2014

Conducted quantitative and qualitative research as the data analysis point person for all investigative projects. Compiled, cleaned, and processed large volumes of data; wrote award-winning and uniquely detailed reports on gun ownership, taxes, census surveys, school testing, infrastructure, and immigration.

Data Journalist/Education Reporter, 2000 - 2013

Business Reporter, 1999 - 2000


Business Reporter, 1996 - 1999



MS, Computer Science, 2012


BA, Business Journalism, 1996

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