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Technical Writer · Research Manager

I weave together tapestries of words that educate and entertain, making the complex and obscure clear and accessible......

...or I spend my days talking to brilliant technologists and clacking on a keyboard until something useful appears. Either or.

That keyboard clacking has really taken me places. I wrote a record review in a college writing class and, the next day, my professor got me an internship at a top New York City newspaper. Talk about life-changing. I was always good at writing but, in the years that followed, directing that skill to journalism and, later, data-assisted reporting gave me purpose and a feeling that my voice and perspective mattered. I've transitioned to technical writing, which lets me indulge my lifelong fascination with tech. But I still strive to make my writing informative, useful, and engaging.


Dwight is a tremendous writer and was a quick study in complex technical disciplines. He always exceeded my expectations and beat my aggressive deadlines.

Managing Director, Accenture

Dwight is one of the best technical consultants we've ever hired. He understood our expectations immediately and then exceeded all of them.

Sr. Engagement Manager, ActionIQ

Dwight is a keen, analytical thinker. He has an uncanny ability to crunch numbers and break down complicated concepts because he's also a gifted writer.

Group Managing Editor, Hearst

Dwight can ferret out the data, analyze it and build the most engaging platform on which to display it. Any professional team would flourish with him as a member.

Executive Editor, The 74 Media

Dwight is a skilled data journalist. He is able to turn spreadsheet numbers into a compelling narrative. He's conscientious, supportive of his colleagues and always learning.

Executive Editor, Detroit Free Press

Dwight has a great work ethic, commitment to quality, and an innovative mind. He is capable of managing complex research projects and exceeding tight deadlines.

Research Associate, Wargame Designer

I can unreservedly recommend Dwight for just about any job he applies for - he makes sure he can deliver whatever is needed, and then delivers more.

Editor, communications consultant

Dwight's always calm and composed demeanor, along with his ability to easily explain his findings to others, makes him an organizational asset.

Development Communications Manager, Weill Cornell Medicine

Dwight will research the best way to complete a development task with the utmost efficiency and get it done on time. Anyone employing his services will get a job well done.

Communications Coordinator, Oregon Housing — Community Services

Dwight knows how to use the human voice so the reader isn't lost in (the) numbers. That's a pretty good combination — having something to say, and knowing how to say it.

Editor, WNYC/Gothamist



Dwight R. Worley

Ambitious technical writer with extensive experience leading documentation and data analysis projects. I have an investigative journalist’s eye and take pride in producing useful and accurate documentation.

  • New York City
  • dwightworley@proton.me


MS, Computer Science


BA, Business Journalism



Technical Communication 95%
Editing & Content Management 95%
Interviewing & Research 100%
LLM—Prompt Engineering 70%
Project Management 80%
Markdown 90%
HTML 80%
PHP 75%
GitHub 70%

Professional Experience

Senior Technical Writer

5 years, current role

GOOGLE, New York, NY

  • Own internal docs and content for program to build sovereign-compliant data centers and GCP services operated by foreign partners. Design templates, reusable content, and writing processes, including content management and discoverability, that accelerate workflow for 1,000+ stakeholders and 300+ engineering teams.
  • Built and manage an internal security knowledge base to maintain fact files for high-interest domains, including AI, encryption, and compliance regimes. Ground truth content reduces customer response times and legal risk.
  • Conduct prompt engineering for generative AI-assisted security products—anticipate customer input prompts, evaluate LLM output for accuracy and quality, and craft optimal responses for model training.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to scope and co-author high-interest whitepapers on encryption, insider risk, and key management.
  • Promoted after leading external docs for Security Command Center. Expanded enterprise content and wrote task guides, conceptual overviews, and API docs for six built-in services.

Technical Consultant

4 years


  • Managed large-scale human subject trials for biometric testing, analyzing critical data for internal research.
  • Content lead and writing coach for software teams. Ensured dozens of annual deliverables—from research briefs on web apps to 200-page technical reports on machine learning—maintained a consistent, authoritative voice, high-quality writing, and clear analytical approaches.

Investigative Reporter / Data Analyst

10+ years


  • Founding member of high-impact Tax Watch team that tracked government spending and misuse of tax dollars.
  • Spearheaded dozens of data analysis projects annually, applying strong news judgment to unearth unique insights in education, demographics, public safety, infrastructure, elections, and other high-interest topics.
  • Partnered with Standard & Poor’s to implement its School Matters methodology for local schools, examining ROI for education spending. Lead writer and data analyst for innovative five-day series.


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